WING workshop for aspiring women entrepreneurs

@ Integrated Startup Complex, Kerala Startup Mission, Kinfra Park, Kochi

7th and 8th November 2019


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Sessions & Speakers

7th November 2019

10:00 AM
Founder Talk

Shameela Nafih

Co-Founder & Chief Cash Officer, MEAL'D

Shameela Nafih is a finance and HR professional with a Masters in Commerce and Business Administration, and an HRM Certification from the Cambridge University.

After over 12 years of professional experience in Dubai she moved to Kerala in 2017, and resumed her career in an IT firm.

Nafih started her entrepreneurial journey in January 2018 in Kochi, Kerala. She currently serves as the CFO & Co-founder of MEAL'D.

11:15 AM
Marketing 101

Nisha Krishnan

CEO, Channel I'm

Founder of Channeliam.com, Nisha Krishnan is a young broadcast journalist from Kerala. Over the last 17 years in her career, she has ventured into almost all areas of television journalism including being the head of news management, being a news editor, anchoring, video production, reporting and beyond. A recipient of many awards and accolades, Krishnan has recently been selected as a participant in the Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminar (Alumni TIES) organized by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, US Department of State and World Learning on the topic of ‘Women in Media: Creating Networks for Social Change’, to be held at Almaty, Kazakhstan in November 2019. She is by far one of the most dedicated and popular television women journalists in South India.

12:30 PM
Company Law

Vivek Vijayan

Pacificao Corporate Solutions

02:00 PM

Jose George

Company Secretary

03:00 PM
Ideation Workshop

Dhanaj KM

Manager - Accelerators, KSUM

Dhanaj is an electrical engineer by training and a development practitioner by profession, with an avid interest in travel. His passion lies in designing technological interventions and articulating developmental paradigms with a writer's touch. Lately he has been working on challenges related to bridging the disparity inherent in the various strata of the society, meanwhile learning the invaluable virtues of humility and hospitality that life in rural India invariably teaches one.

8th November 2019

10:00 AM
Startup Ecosystem

Meera Radhakrishnan

Program Manager, NUMA Bangalore

10:45 AM
IP Strategies

Muruganantham Senthilrajan

COO & Patent Agent, Metayage IP Consulting

11:45 AM
Banking And Accounting

Lijoe Simon

Manager, HDFC Bank

12:15 AM
Founder Talk

Jofin Joseph

Full Contact Inc

16:00 AM
Way Forward

Tom Thomas

Project Director, KSUM

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